Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Up until last year i never really cared about the Harry Potter series and i was always more of a Hunger Games fan overall anyway, but with the sudden anouncement of my family's trip to america and more importantly The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. My sister Kariss and i never really bothered to watch or read or be interested in Harry Potter at all until we thought we should get into it at least a little bit to understand the whole Wizarding World for when we visited.

I can easily say we have never ever been more wrong, Harry Potter is one of my favourite things/books/movies EVER!!!  I still havent really completed the whole set (im halfway through Deathly Hallows and am bawling everytime i pick the book much death!). Harry Potter is amazingly well written, plotted and just generally it deals with so many problems that teenagers or adults encounter every day and reaches a wide aswell as a niche audience.

By the time we got to wizarding world months later i was at about the Goblet Of Fire book, so of course i was ridiculously excited to see everything in hogsmeade and get sweets from Honeydukes and Butterbeer from the hogs head/Three Broomsticks and visit hogwarts. On the actual day my sister and i woke up ridiculously early (US: 6 UK:1 AM!) so that we could get to the very very front of the cue and from all of the press we had read about waiting hours and hours to get onto the main ride and such we (my sister and i that is, the rest of our family sort of trapsed wearily behind us as we ran full thrust towards the gates of universal) got there for around 8AM, a half hour before the park opens. Me being me as soon as i reached the gates i bawled my heart out at the fact we were so close and just how generally sentimental i got about finally being there and knowing what was about to happen and where i was going.

As we were let in my sister and i litterally ran through the Dr.Seuss section of Universal to get to Wizarding world purely because we couldnt wait to see everything. When we got there we were greeted by the finest and greatest iron gates above which was a hanging iron sign with a picture of a town welded into it. As we walked through the buildings were all tall thin pointed structures with snow on the top and they were exactly in the movies!.

As you get further into the town we saw Honeydukes (I got a chocolate frog and Exploding bonbons, which actually do explode by the way), we saw an Owl post office from which i got a hufflepuff badge and team flag (im hufflepuff), Ollivanders ( i really wanted a wand but i ran out of money by this point on butterbeers and pumpkin juices from the carts outside), A store full of dress robes, The Three Broomsticks (which was built so wonderfully) and the hogs head (where i drank my butterbeer).

When we got to the actual ride the que was super fast and putting our stuff into the lockers took two minutes, plus there was a guy dressed as draco malfoy there and it was brilliant. Walking through the que you go through every classroom: Herbology with the Mandrakes, Potions, Divination, Ancient Runes you get the idea and boarding the ride is as simple as being on a treadmill for a second then sitting in your seat. The actual ride is hella scary and i have no idea why theres no age limit, theres all dragons and dementors chasing you around hogwarts and oh god its just dreafully scary but overall is really good.

Wizarding world is Amazing. and i could live there. contently.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tights are the devil.

So today i was wearing a skirt, and because of the cold british weather i teamed it with some cute heart tights to keep my legs warm, halfway through the day i discovered that they had split all down the back and as the day went on it just got worse and worse until i was walking home and realised that i could officially class my tights as suspenders. Thats how bad it got.

They should invent tights with extra snap at the bottom for skinny ankles and make them impossible to break.

On the plus side we started a topic about God and the world in philosophy which is cool cause i get to argue why i think "evil" does or doesnt exist in exchange for some top-end A-level grades.

My media course is working me dry, we have a blog on which we post all our work for the moderator to view and jheez its like constant work and video making, for example i have to annotate, video and voiceover a video about two music magazine covers in for friday the 18th. I also have a video on the Music Magazine industry as a whole to be in for tuesday.

No baking yummy things for me this weekend. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Healthy Living - Blah.

Lecture Lecture Lecture blah blah i know healthy eating is a crap topic and youve heard this before through countless means of educational lectures but trust me.

Iv always been concerned about my health and weight in particular, since last February my weight has been up and down between obsessive healthy eating and militant exercise to laying on the sofa eating candy bars around Christmas  I always used special occasions as an excuse to eat junk food but then I wouldn't stop, it seemed that all the hard work I had done in the months before had reached equilibrium with my weight gain and general sloppiness and I decided to do something about it.

Being a student and trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is also a hard task. juggling work with cooking meals and exercising can sometimes feel impossible and as-if all the time in the world couldn't solve it but it is possible.

If you don't know what tumblr is its an on-line blogging platform and as with most websites or personal pages there are plenty of different genre's. It was only when i started to be interested in healthy living and eating that i discovered what a strong and supportive health community tumblr has. Plenty of people are in the same boat as you and give countless tips and advice through In-boxing and reblogging or sharing photos of progress and animated tips. Posting about a weight loss would equal in countless messages of congratulations and inspirational messages. Even a weight gain would conjure messages of tips on how to not be discouraged.

The way that the tumblr fitness community has taken the platform and changed it from a personalised expressive art to a worthwhile and fulfilling blog is astounding. 

I believe that my knowledge and interest of nutrition and fitness stemmed from the tumblr fitness community and their support that allowed me to make a change.

As i mentioned in my first post i am a pescatarian (vegetarian but will eat fish), although this isnt purely based on nutrition or weightloss purposes it still had a contributing factor. 

If you need any advice or knowledge on health or fitness or the foods to eat the recipe pages to look at, really anything! please do ask either through my tumblr or facebook or here. 

Quick Tips: 
Eat white meats
Drink as much water as you can - it increases metabolism
Same for Green Tea
Try to eat vegetables or fruit in any way possible
keep chocolates or candies for special occasions or failing that once a week or as a treat.
Fry food in Frylight or cooking sprays.

Exercise Tips:For weight loss - 
aerobic exercise is best but some light lifting and stretching exercises such as yoga are also key.
For Muscle Gain-
start slowly and only lift light dumbbells  first for around a month before you decide to go higher.

Checkout Blogilates on youtube for good workouts without the effort!

Try to get support from your family and friends too or you may find yourself in a rut.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Buy a girl a drink first: Get to know me.

Hello My name is:

My name is Kaycia, I'm a 16 year old Liberal Feminist and A-level student studying Philosophy, English Language, Sociology and Media. I'm a Pescatarian (vegetarian but will eat fish) because of personal choices based on the theory of specism by Philosopher Singer. I live in a small town in the north of England (South Yorkshire) and am trying my hardest to make it in the fashion circuit. I currently write a fashion column for my college newspaper called TRAP. I have a huge interest and knowledge of the fashion industry and hope to move to London in years to come after studying journalism at university to become a fashion journalist or fashion editor. I'm an expert on nutrition and healthy living so if you have any questions please ask.  I have a boyfriend of 11 months whom i love very much and spend alot of my free time with.My personal style icons are: Zooey Deschanel, Celia Edel (Ceedling - Tumblr/youtube), Fearne cotton & Alexa Chung.

This blog will be a recap of my experiences & adventures in life on my way through education, Fashion,Healthy living and Social adventures on a whole.