Sunday, 14 April 2013

Every now and then my boyfriend and I have little dates where we go to a restaurant and split the bill or whatever, we don't do it often because were both students and it costs so much money to eat out these days so its kind of a big deal when we do.


Spiked Headband - Urban Outfitters.
I wore a Paisley shirt i got from urban outfitters with a leather-top dress over the top so just the collar and arms were showing and paired it with tights and a denim thrift store jacket, i also accessorized with the cute spike headband from an Urban Outfitters sale i went to back in January.

We decided to go to TGI Fridays in Meadowhall this time because we wanted to treat ourselves a little rather than choosing the cheapest place we can find. I had the most delicious Jack Daniels Salmon, because I'm pescatarian its sometimes harder in american food places because they base the menu around burgers and steaks (TGI's do too its just a more diverse range), the salmon came with cheesy mashed potatoes and Broccoli (heads up if you haven't tried Jack Daniels sauces then do, like as soon as possible its amazing). Dan had the Black and Blue burger which is basically a grilled burger with blue cheese. I also had a mocktail, I had the San Francisco (Cherry, Citrus and Soda) and it was amazing, sweet and refreshing with a hint of sour. For desert we shared a chocolate fudge cake and overall the food was truly amazing! our server was polite and sweet and the atmosphere was incredible too, we were sat right above the cool bar area where they have waiters doing cocktail tricks and making drinks.Our receipt came on a little green tray adorned with cute 3D butterflies. It came to around £20 each which isnt so bad considering i paid for the desert and my food and Dan bought drinks and his (plus through the week in some places they do two courses for £9.99).

Whats the nicest date youve been on? Tell me in comments.

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