Thursday, 23 October 2014

Maybe its because I'm a Londoner.

Hey everyone,

A lot of exciting things have been happening with me lately, mainly due to the fact that Iv recently moved to London! I must have gotten too in tune to the "£2 a pint" north because I cant help but scoff at every product/bus fair/tube fair/ticket price/service tip.....basically anything that costs anything and being a student on top of all this isn't really fair on my bank balance. Being in the busy city has kept me on my feet and being the cheapskate I am Iv devised a list of the best apps to save you bucks and help you get around in London!

1. Timeout London:

Timeout London is a great app that let you know what's going on in and around your area and central London, It gives recommendations for everything from Art Galleries and events to cafĂ©'s and restaurants and on top of that it shows you how to get tickets to events cheaper than the door price. If you're really stuck on places to go then you can just hit the "most popular" button and it will show you what everyone else liked. This is a good app for Planning

2. City Mapper:

Citymapper is an app which uses your current location (Location button on for this app) to help you find any destination you need to get to whether it be a pub, shop or tube station. You just type where you want to go and hit "Get Route" and the app takes you to a page of travel options (see second image). It gives you options for walking, bus, bike, taxi, tube, what's safest for rain and it will calculate how much it will cost and how long it will take you to get there. Once you've chosen your transport method it takes you to a map which has the instructions laid out beneath an aerial view map of where you are. It even has a working compass on the map so if you're walking in the wrong direction it will tell you! This app is great for Travel.


If, like me, you don't want to pay for the gym but still fancy staying in shape then Runtastic is perfect. It uses your location to map out your running journey and works similarly to the Nike+ app in the sense that it shows you how long you've been running, how many calories you have burned and lets you choose what music you'd like to listen to while you run. It also has a feature for speciality training such as 10k training, weight-loss and marathon runners. It also gives the option of "story running" in which the app uses your earphones to deliver a live-story that is affected by your running. For example, you may be running from zombies and the earphones will reflect that as you hear them getting closer behind you. You have the option of one free story "run for those who cant" and the rest are around the 99p mark. This app is perfect for Fitness.

4. Farm Hero Saga. 

I'm recommending Farm Hero Saga because its my go-to when im on the Tube. 1. You don't need internet to use it, AWESOME 2. You don't need signal to use it, AWESOME 3. Its really fun and occupying for when you have long distances to travel, AWESOME. Just try and not play this while walking anywhere because you WILL get too involved in the game and end up shouting "oh crap" in public and/or walking into a small child. Lesson Learned. This app is good for Killing Time.



PS. Apologies if this is becoming confusing, since beginning my degree in Fashion Journalism I have decided to revert back to my original alter-ego "Fashion Fox" and I am happily back into the swing of blogging regularly and have some great posts and videos scheduled for you guys.