Sunday, 16 June 2013

Interview with: Celia Edell

 Known for her quirky sense of style and kick-ass feminist views, Celia Edell is taking the internet by storm. In recent months she has received over 10,000 views on YouTube videos such as "Feminists don't really want equality and other myths about feminism" and "Sexism 101", Celia also became well known for her "home-made" fashion shoots on her blog: Ceedling and Facebook  Some people even see her as some kind of feminist superhero, a sort of "Super Celia and her meowing sidekick Rococo". Here at FashionFox we decided we'd like to get to know more about this "Superwoman" and in particular her fashion sense.

You're known for your positive approach on female body hair, would it ever affect the way you dress, for example would you ever wear a sleeveless shirt specifically to make a statement? It used to affect how I dressed, it took a while for me to become comfortable enough with the natural state of my body to wear clothes that revealed my legs and underarms to strangers - now it seems irrelevant. I dress the same as I did when I shaved, or if I chose to shave body does offend some people but I don't go out of my way to offend people with my appearance...most days, anyway.

What is your current favourite outfit, including shoes and jewellery?
 I've been feeling pretty lazy lately, maybe because it's summer time, but I feel really good in a black tank top (I thrifted a couple nice simple ones recently), and some bold print pants or shorts. My favourite pair right now is my checkered pants with daisies scattered across them, they are soft and stretchy but also interesting and busy. I love wearing patterns, more than one at once sometimes! I pretty much wear my Doc Marten low top 1461's everyday, and my Venus-symbol necklace that I made for myself using DelishBeads!!

DelishBeads are amazing!How or where do you get most of your clothes?
Thrift-stores,cheap ones - not really the boutiques that hand-pick vintage pieces as lovely as they are I can never afford anything! I online shop a lot, only occasionally buy something but when I do its usually from ASOS or Ebay if I have something specific in mind!!

With so many followers in the social media would you consider yourself a style icon or even a feminist style icon?
 Lord no, I am still a very real, flawed, and at times painfully boring 21 y/o. I have had a lot of wonderful incredible people tell me that Iv inspired them to learn more about feminism, or to dress for themselves, things like that. That doesn't make me an icon, but it definitely feels damn good.

You have recently received controversial responses on some YouTube videos such as "You're too pretty to be a feminist", how do you react to these kinds of comments? I have to laugh. In one day I will get comments telling me I'm too pretty, too ugly, too smart, too dumb to be a feminist. People will say anything they think will make you question yourself and your beliefs - or at least question your choice to make those beliefs public. I have learned that taking up space, especially on YouTube, comes with a great deal of ridiculous scrutiny insofar as what I say questions the status quo. I just have to see those comments for what they are - bullshit!

Yeah, its kind of a backhanded compliment. You have done alot of inspirational work within feminism including writing and modelling for Missy/Ink. Would you ever consider modelling or writing as a career?
 Thank you!! I model for and with friends and it is really fun but it isn't something I see myself doing as a career. I can't imagine the pressure that one would be under to have their living so dependent on physical appearance. I love fashion, and modelling is absolutely an art form - but it isn't for me, professionally anyway. I can see myself writing as a career, but it is not an easy path either, and I'm not sure yet exactly where I want to end up. I'll definitely always write, though, and I will probably always take selfies too...

Haha, you're the queen of selfies! You also model in many of your own photo-shoots  do you plan the shoots around a theme or just go with the flow? Sometimes, most times, I have a theme in mind, but I am never strictly committed to accuracy. We usually have outfits to go with the theme but as for location, we mostly just wing it. I have fun with the photo-shoots I do, none of them are serious - it's just nice to get my girls together, dress up in outfits we wouldn't necessarily wear otherwise, and pretend to be someone else. So I guess its a mix of both planning a theme, and going with the flow.

Lastly, how would you describe your style? This question is so hard! The last time i answered it I think I used the word "spooky"... but honestly my style is always evolving, and right now I think I would describe my style as happily stuck between childish flamboyance and thick-skinned vixen.

FashionFox. xoxo