Monday, 15 July 2013

A Month So Far In Instagrams.....July!!

1. Dan and I on a night out at 3am drunk on cheap wine  . 2. Dans Cat Sox.   3. Drinking Desperados beer whilst playing darts with Dans family.   4.  My eye makeup smudged after Dans Grandfathers funeral.   5. New Polka dot Topshop shirt and feeling daring wearing a tight skirt.   6. Homies Beanie and nude lips.   7. My feeble attempt at nail art.   8. Croptop or dress? In the end i went with the croptop.   9. Road Trip.   10. No Make-up   11. Me and Dan on the hottest day of the year   12. Burgundy Rimmel and Fuscia coloured MAC lipsticks mixed for the perfect shade (blog post to come).

Sorry for not posting in a while guys but iv had alot on, im filming a video tomorrow so im hoping to get that posted aswell as a lipstick tutorial style post.

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