Saturday, 23 February 2013

Boy George: Fashion Icon.

The Hats, The colourful dreadlocks and the inspirational outfits, we discover the fashion attached to the man: Boy George.
Boy George in the 80's.
Boy George's most famous look is this: hat, colourful dreadlocks, loose clothing and subtle yet noticeable make-up  Boy George has always been known for his "out there" sense of style and yet he always kept it classy.The use of black in the outfit and the bagginess of the upper half is evidence of the desire in his face. He wants his face to be known and recognised so he made it into a work of art. Boy George's make-up has always been sleek and "pointed" in the sense that everything was sharp, on point and perfect, the looks he tried always suited him and he made sure they did. Dark lips and colourful eyes were his main focus as portrayed in the musical he wrote: Taboo (following is an extract from)
George: what colour are my eyes Billy? describe them.
Billy: Brilliant Bright Blue
George: (cooing) Thank-you
Billy: No, they're all bloodshot from your mascara
George used his eyes as his focal point and made sure they were the central to his face, in many of his music videos, for example, Georges eyes are centre to the camera, this makes the audience focus on Boy George and his music, an effect which worked perfectly and saw him into the charts.

In an interview Boy George said "what you wear has no impact on anything else, people fight because they want to fight not because of what they wear, i think its just silly, fighting over clothes, you only get into violence if you fight back. if you don't want to be involved don't fight back." This shows his true peaceful and harmless approach to clothes and that they really are just something you put on.

Boy George looked amazing as ever at the 2013 Brit Awards with a sheer black hat, baby blue blazer, black shirt, silk black tie and blue eye-shadow with his trademark amazingly styled eyebrows. In My opinion he looked great  (especially after the huge weight loss) but was quickly caught in twitter crossfire with One Direction's Liam Payne after Liam refused to pose for a photo with Boy George's Niece  needless to say directioners were soon on the bandwagon hurling a torrent of abuse at George via his twitter, in a peaceful response, Boy George simply blocked each one of them, a calm move from the star. 

Boy George was and is an icon, in fashion and music. He will always dominate the fashion scene and still has designers using him as an inspiration.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ins-and-Outs of: Vintage Store Shopping.

Vintage stores are popping up all around Britain and from my experiences today i can see why.

Today my sister and i visited the Blitz Vintage store in Spitalfields, London, with a 20% student discount and a high reputation amongst the Londoners themselves I had to try it out. The layout of Blitz is 100 times better than what i expected from a vintage store as most of my local vintage stores are very "search-through-a-pile-for-hidden-gems" where-as Blitz' items were all categorised according to style, type and label. Neckerchieves and scarves were in suitcases at the front whereas clothes and home-wares were in the back, downstairs are the sales (a real steal, i got a pair of brown leather loafers for £5) and men's clothes, shoes and bags. Although some items can be a little pricey (a particularly gorgeous leather backpack at £60) its mostly quite cheap and for what you get and the name brands its definitely worth it. After a couple of hours of aimlessly marvelling at the fashions on show i ended up with a Barbour tartan blazer with a suede collar and sleeve turn-ups for £30, A Denim with leather collar Levi Jacket for £38, Brown leather loafers (marked down from £35) for £5, and a pair of size 1 white converse for £20. Overall the quality of the clothes was top notch and there was plenty more in the store i would have bought had i had the time or money and its definitely worth getting yourself down there if you want some good name-brand clothing on the cheap or home-ware such as typewriters,bottles and signs. A small walk down the road took us to a large open market of food stalls, Malaysian pancakes and clothes, the stalls we stopped at were a sunglasses stall (very gaga-esque) and a cheap dress stall from which i bought two dresses i had seen in the high street store new look and for more than half price! all dresses were £12, another bargain added to the bags.

*Pictures will be uploaded shortly*

Monday, 4 February 2013