Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ins-and-Outs of: Vintage Store Shopping.

Vintage stores are popping up all around Britain and from my experiences today i can see why.

Today my sister and i visited the Blitz Vintage store in Spitalfields, London, with a 20% student discount and a high reputation amongst the Londoners themselves I had to try it out. The layout of Blitz is 100 times better than what i expected from a vintage store as most of my local vintage stores are very "search-through-a-pile-for-hidden-gems" where-as Blitz' items were all categorised according to style, type and label. Neckerchieves and scarves were in suitcases at the front whereas clothes and home-wares were in the back, downstairs are the sales (a real steal, i got a pair of brown leather loafers for £5) and men's clothes, shoes and bags. Although some items can be a little pricey (a particularly gorgeous leather backpack at £60) its mostly quite cheap and for what you get and the name brands its definitely worth it. After a couple of hours of aimlessly marvelling at the fashions on show i ended up with a Barbour tartan blazer with a suede collar and sleeve turn-ups for £30, A Denim with leather collar Levi Jacket for £38, Brown leather loafers (marked down from £35) for £5, and a pair of size 1 white converse for £20. Overall the quality of the clothes was top notch and there was plenty more in the store i would have bought had i had the time or money and its definitely worth getting yourself down there if you want some good name-brand clothing on the cheap or home-ware such as typewriters,bottles and signs. A small walk down the road took us to a large open market of food stalls, Malaysian pancakes and clothes, the stalls we stopped at were a sunglasses stall (very gaga-esque) and a cheap dress stall from which i bought two dresses i had seen in the high street store new look and for more than half price! all dresses were £12, another bargain added to the bags.

*Pictures will be uploaded shortly*

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