Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Iv been tagged by the gorgeous Amy of Cocktails in Teacups.
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  1. Did other blogs convince you to start up your own?   

    Well id thought about starting one for a long time because it helps with my uni applications but if any really made me want to start it would be: CocktailsinTeacups, IndigoButtons, A Blog from Blackpool, Essiebutton, Little Blog of Horrors, Polkadot Pink, What Peggy Said, What Laura Did and A beautiful mess.

  2. Have you joined a site because someone else in blogsphere did? 

    Nah, never anything like that, I just like to do my own thing and see what happens rather than do things cause others do. 

  3. Is there a tip/regime you've gotten from the internet that you now use?

    Iv learnt alot about eyeliners and skin rituals that i wasnt so militant on before but now everynight its like "i must take off my makeup and tone and cleanse", especially the " wash your face before you get in the bath so it doesnt seep into your pores" tip.
  4. If your favourite YouTube/Blogger personality likes a product, will that make you buy it?Not really but if i was thinking of buying something and they gave a good review I probably would.

    What do you look for in a blog that makes you want to follow?
    The first thing that jumps out at me is always the layout of the blog (id never follow just for that but i think it helps), i always think its nice to look at blogs where you can tell alot of thought and preperation has been put in. As an aspiring writer im a complete word-a-holic so if someone has a nice writing style ill definatly follow.

    Have you ever been deceived by a product that you ordered online? (e.g you thought it would be pink but it was coral)I  dont usually buy online for this reason but its never really happened to me, other than clothes being too loose etc.

    Have promo pictures and press releases given you the impression that a product will be better than it is?
    erm pretty much just the rimmel london kate moss red lipstick, for me it was way too wet and slimy (which sounds gross but i mean sort of oily)

    Is there a product you could give a 'cult' status for being so good that you discovered through the internet?
    Alot of the 98% Naturalganics range from the body shop, i love it so much and it all smells so good!

    Is there a product you have tried and hated, but others have loved?
     Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline, it just highlights all my flaws and clumps up in areas on my face and makes it look grubby.
    10. Is there a Blogger/YouTuber that influences your fashion style? If so, who?
    Zoella's style is gorgeous for make-up tips but i take alot of style inspiration from Ceedling because everything she wears looks so effortless and yet really co-ordinated.

    Is there a Blogger/Youtuber that influences your attitude each day/lifestyle?
    CarrieHopeFletcher influenced me to be a nicer sweeter person overall and it really affects the way people treat you.

    How much time do you spend on the internet daily?
    Alot because of my media work at college and blogging/tumblr/facebook/pinterest etc.

    I tag...
    Celia of Ceedling
    Dan of Blueskies
    Meagen of Meaganinwonderland
    Kirsty of IndigoButtons

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Student Take-Over Haul.

Thursday evening i went to my local shopping centre, Meadowhall for its student event, i was hoping for amazing discounts and free stuff and its exactly what I got!                       
Iv wanted some cowboy-style boots for ages and was hoping to save toward my dream pair by Kurt Geiger at £65 but instead got these gorgeous fringed tan boots for £18 from Primarni,I find it really hard to buy shoes in regular shops because my feet are a tiny size 2 and the shoes usually start at a three so i have to get boots or shoes with laces or straps.  I don't usually shop in primark often unless its for something I'm not going to wear often and I originally went in for a pair of party shoes but came out empty handed in the party-shoe area.
I got this for super cheap in TKMAXX in the reduced section for £5.99, its an argon oil hair mask for restoring your hair which I super need since my hair is dead from all the peroxide powder i used on it during the transformation from brown to bright purple. I already had a Paul Smith argon oil cream I got in a Cosmo magazine that is so lush, you just apply it when your hair is damp then dry it out and it makes your hair all shiny and nice so I'm hoping this hair mask will rescue my poor bleached ends, it smells so fantastic like really warm and comforting but also exotic, its also kind of coconut-y which is my favourite smell in the whole world.

From Boots (UK cosmetics store) I got these Katy perry eyelashes in cool Kitty £5.95 for a party I'm going to Friday, I'm good at putting fake eyelashes on other people but iv never really tried doing them on myself so I'm abit worried but the instructions on the back seem quite fair, I don't want to end up looking like a spider has crawled on my face and made a nice home on my eyes. Katy Perrys eyes are huge so how am I meant to judge if these are a medium size compared to her eyes or to regular peoples eyes, they could be 5 inches long and seem tiny on her and look ridiculous on my tiny eyes.

I got some more hair dye because my hair was turning a strange white-ish blue (you'll see that in  my other pictures). When I first dyed my hair purple I used Crazy Colour in Hot purple and it wasn't very good (it did last quite long though which is something for a bright dye), the second time (Profile picture is this colour) I used Manic Panic Ultra Violet and the colour was so nice but it only lasted a week so now I'm trying this Violet by Directions, they cost me £8 for two.
For a really long time iv only been using a blusher brush for all my make-up like bronzer, blusher and powders and iv always lusted after this set, EcoTools is basically a variety of make-up brushes all of which have bamboo handles because bamboo is a resourceful material, recycled aluminium ferrules and cruelty-free bristles, it all comes in a hemp and cotton make-up case . Iv wanted these for a long time because as a vegetarian id like to think that the things I'm buying have less of a cruel effect on animals (I know its unrealistic because make-up and clothes etc but I always try to buy animal friendly and 98% natural face washes). They cost me £15 for a blusher brush, eye shading brush,angled eyeliner brush, concealer brush, lash&brow groomer and the Hemp and cotton case.I used these today and oh my gosh the bristles are the softest iv ever encountered!
                                                  The Fashion Fox with a Fashion Fox!
There I am saying "I don't buy alot from primark" and here I am again with something else from primark, I honestly think that the HOME section of primark is wonderful especially for teenagers, alot of my bedsheets are from Primark HOME section such as a lovely grey New York bedspread, plus I absolutely adore the cute pillows of foxes and moustaches, i always check it out for candles and such and stumbled upon these pillow-cases, they're kind of a china pattern (which I love I have a shirt of it from Topshop) and I just think these would be super cute as a back pillow and really kitsch to have in my room.

One of my all time favourite shops is Urban Outfitters so when I heard they had a discount on i flocked to it like a mad woman, with my friends party in mind I bought this silver sparkly crop top (£20) and leather skirt (£32) as-well as the cutest elephant necklace (£12). I don't usually wear crop-tops because I don't have the worlds best figure but I'm totally fine with having the upper stomach out so I thought for her party id just go for it.


The Body Shop were giving away little empty pots which you could go in to the store and fill up with anything that had a tester, I spent such a long time choosing seeing as they have so many fabulous products but I finally settled on the Nutriganics 98% Natural smoothing night cream, it smells fabulous and I used it a few nights ago and the next day my skin was so smooth and luscious  honestly it was so silky and soft. I think it was so wonderful that Body Shop gave this give-away as it allows free choice of what you want for free and how much of it you want.

Cath Kidson held a little 1940's tea-party in collaboration with Fancie Cake company. They gave us little CK fake tattoos then when you showed the tattoo in Cath Kidson you got a cute little free cupcake.
In Exchange for walking around clucking and shouting I love Nandos I won a free meal at Nandos and Dan won a free soft drink.

This last part is the most exciting of them all, I went for my make-up doing for free using the new collection by Elizabeth Arden and I mentioned my blog and they gave me some awesome samples to review, I'm going to do a video this week on the whole thing but here's some pictures of the new collection and a little thing on what works for me.


I'm going to start by saying what make-up was used on me personally, so the darker brown and the darker purple eye-shadows (from the two palettes were used to create a smoky eye and bring out the purple in my hair, a bronzer was used to contour my face, a light pink blusher was used to enlighten my face and open up the colours in my eyes and a nude lip gloss was used on my lips.

I was gifted the Elizabeth Arden Skin Correcter (SPF15) which I haven't used just yet, the infamous Eight-Hour Cream ( which I used on my face and lips and it was amazing! it nourishes  the skin so much!), the visible difference optimizing skin serum (which I used and oh my god its brilliant its so amazing, it balances out your skin perfectly),the new Juicy Couture fragrance: Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy - La Fleur.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur is very much a light and uplifting scent and is very aquatic and based around the daytime. It smells a little like Davidoff Cool Water mixed with a light fresh flowery undertone whereas the Viva La Juicy is much more for the night time and has much more deep and musky tones.

I'm gonna do a whole video on these gifts so look out for it this week!

 FashionFox xoxo

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Coming Up!

Recently i was gifted some Elizabeth Arden and Juicy Couture samples to review including the 8 hour cream and the two new Juicy fragrances "Viva la juicy" and "Viva la juicy: La Fleur".

I went to Meadowhall for a student event and had my makeup done by the lovely Laura, i told her about my blog so she gave me a ton of lovely goodies.

Ill do a video on the Elizabeth Arden and Juicy Couture samples and a regular post on the rest of stuff i got from lock in and all the free stuff!

Look out for it, coming soon!

FashionFox xoxo

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I need advice!

I'm going to my friends party at her house next week and I'm thinking of buying something like this or one with the arms in but I'm not sure whether to wear it with Black denim shorts high waisted or a high waisted skirt. I know the bottoms must be black and not leggings but then do i have coloured shoes and accessories or black and sparkly. PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH COMMENTS AND LINKS OR ANYTHING

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Every now and then my boyfriend and I have little dates where we go to a restaurant and split the bill or whatever, we don't do it often because were both students and it costs so much money to eat out these days so its kind of a big deal when we do.


Spiked Headband - Urban Outfitters.
I wore a Paisley shirt i got from urban outfitters with a leather-top dress over the top so just the collar and arms were showing and paired it with tights and a denim thrift store jacket, i also accessorized with the cute spike headband from an Urban Outfitters sale i went to back in January.

We decided to go to TGI Fridays in Meadowhall this time because we wanted to treat ourselves a little rather than choosing the cheapest place we can find. I had the most delicious Jack Daniels Salmon, because I'm pescatarian its sometimes harder in american food places because they base the menu around burgers and steaks (TGI's do too its just a more diverse range), the salmon came with cheesy mashed potatoes and Broccoli (heads up if you haven't tried Jack Daniels sauces then do, like as soon as possible its amazing). Dan had the Black and Blue burger which is basically a grilled burger with blue cheese. I also had a mocktail, I had the San Francisco (Cherry, Citrus and Soda) and it was amazing, sweet and refreshing with a hint of sour. For desert we shared a chocolate fudge cake and overall the food was truly amazing! our server was polite and sweet and the atmosphere was incredible too, we were sat right above the cool bar area where they have waiters doing cocktail tricks and making drinks.Our receipt came on a little green tray adorned with cute 3D butterflies. It came to around £20 each which isnt so bad considering i paid for the desert and my food and Dan bought drinks and his (plus through the week in some places they do two courses for £9.99).

Whats the nicest date youve been on? Tell me in comments.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Low Fat Low Calorie Tortilla Pizza!

This one came out a little burnt, but they are great trust me.

  • Weightwatchers Tortilla's
  • Reduced Fat Cheese (i had 90g over two pizzas)
  • Pizza sauce of your choice (i had BBQ)
  • Toppings you may like
Preheat your oven to 210 C.
Place the tortillas on a baking tray and add your sauce and toppings then cheese.
Bake for 15 Minutes or until the edges are a light brown (check on them at ten minutes to avoid burning).
Cut with a pizza cutter and Enjoy!

Per Pizza:
Calories: 250 Fat: 9g

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Worlds Best Deal!

So I don't usually shop online for make-up because I usually prefer to try it out on my hand before I commit to buying anything but.....I JUST GOT A MAC EYE-LINER IN SMOULDER FOR £3.70. I am so very excited about this purchase, I got it off a trusted seller on eBay under "buy it now" and wow! never have i ever seen a better deal. I was looking for presents for my sister Kariss and could not resist that price, I'm only a little worried that it wont be genuine or it wont be good quality but the website assures it is.

When it arrives ill do a review on it and on the quality of the product as-well as the seller and the time it took to get here and such.

Share your most exciting bargain purchase with me in comments :)
FashionFox xoxo

Monday, 8 April 2013

Holiday weekend & Haul/Review.

 This weekend I went away to Bridlington to stay in my parents caravan, I was determined to finish Deathly Hallows and start Warm Bodies whilst I was there so I packed them for travelling in this cute travel-based bag that I use as a book protector. I use Paperchase book protector because I have a Vlogbrothers-signed  bookmark that id hate to get bent or damaged, also because my sister and I share books all the time and I don't want to ruin something that's hers. The Pattern is super-cute although I cant say the price because I had it gifted to me for Christmas.
Even on the coldest days when it was around -3 degrees i still managed to wear a skirt and tights! I re absolutely love thrifting and I got this outfit for dirt cheap. The plain black skirt is from Primark (I don't remember how much it cost me but it was around £7), the Pink Floyd t-shirt was thrifted for £10, My brown satchel bag is from a leather market in Camden for £15, my coat is £95 from Next and the beanie was thrifted for £1! I love to wear high-waisted skirts because they hide my big hips and cinch my waist at its thinnest point.

Whilst i was there i accidentally made some make-up purchases from Boots: Soap and Glory's Arch De Triumph eyebrow pencil, No.17 Miracle Matte foundation in ivory, Maybelline's Master Precise eyeliner pen. Altogether it cost me around £13 because i had some discount cards and i was in desperate need of some new make-up.
I got this foundation in Ivory which is a little darker than my usual shade but it actually suits my skin tone perfectly, it comes out of a pump and you really only need one pump to cover the whole face. It has a very Matte finish which, although advertised I don't always expect because in the past i have bought specifically matte items which have been shiny as heck. The foundation is light-weight and covers all imperfections, my cheeks are naturally very red and always show through foundation toward the end of the say but even 16 hours later the make-up had stayed and no red cheeks! Its oil-free which is great if you have a naturally greasy complexion, it is also SPF 15 so its also sun-safe and protects your skin throughout the day, don't forget that even when its not sunny there are still harmful rays that penetrate through clouds .                                   
This eyebrow crayon is half eyebrow colour and half brow-bone. The colour I chose was Taupe/Buff which is a cold brown colour and a pink pigmented white highlighter. The eyebrow colour itself is rather light and doesn't draw out very thick or strong which is a benefit seeing as sometimes i can be heavy handed with eyebrow pencil and end up looking like a child coloured my face with a Sharpie. The highlighter provides an instant lift on the eyebrow and is perfect to create a subtle gradient at the brow, the slight pinkish tinge on it makes it subtle and closer to skin colour rather than having block white under your eyebrows. (My eyebrows are in dyer need of a shaping so please don't judge the pencil on the shape)          
This liner is a felt pen which I'm not used to using (I'm much more accustomed to fluid liners with thin brushes), but it glided on very easily and id highly reccomend this pen if you're an eye-liner newbie. If you're a newbie id also reccomend watching the video above by Michelle Phan, she makes it very easy to learn ways to get a cute eye-liner wing. The pen lasts a really long time and stayed on my eyes for at least 16 hours before it even showed signs of wear.

Have any of you used these or want to know more about any of it? just ask in comments!

FashionFox oxo

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Promise Ring.

  My Boyfriend and I have been together for around a year now and a few months ago he bought me a promise ring, it was more of a promise of "ill always take care of you" rather than "I promise to marry you someday" because the last thing we want to do is create too much commitment in the beginning of our relationship.

  Nevertheless its a very beautiful ring that i first saw on tumblr years before i even met Dan  (Boyfriend) and wanted it immediately because of the intricate detail. Its made of Vermeil Rose Gold and has a Green Amethyst  I love the detail on the ring because I love the winter time and the small gold vines remind me of bare trees in winter.