Monday, 8 April 2013

Holiday weekend & Haul/Review.

 This weekend I went away to Bridlington to stay in my parents caravan, I was determined to finish Deathly Hallows and start Warm Bodies whilst I was there so I packed them for travelling in this cute travel-based bag that I use as a book protector. I use Paperchase book protector because I have a Vlogbrothers-signed  bookmark that id hate to get bent or damaged, also because my sister and I share books all the time and I don't want to ruin something that's hers. The Pattern is super-cute although I cant say the price because I had it gifted to me for Christmas.
Even on the coldest days when it was around -3 degrees i still managed to wear a skirt and tights! I re absolutely love thrifting and I got this outfit for dirt cheap. The plain black skirt is from Primark (I don't remember how much it cost me but it was around £7), the Pink Floyd t-shirt was thrifted for £10, My brown satchel bag is from a leather market in Camden for £15, my coat is £95 from Next and the beanie was thrifted for £1! I love to wear high-waisted skirts because they hide my big hips and cinch my waist at its thinnest point.

Whilst i was there i accidentally made some make-up purchases from Boots: Soap and Glory's Arch De Triumph eyebrow pencil, No.17 Miracle Matte foundation in ivory, Maybelline's Master Precise eyeliner pen. Altogether it cost me around £13 because i had some discount cards and i was in desperate need of some new make-up.
I got this foundation in Ivory which is a little darker than my usual shade but it actually suits my skin tone perfectly, it comes out of a pump and you really only need one pump to cover the whole face. It has a very Matte finish which, although advertised I don't always expect because in the past i have bought specifically matte items which have been shiny as heck. The foundation is light-weight and covers all imperfections, my cheeks are naturally very red and always show through foundation toward the end of the say but even 16 hours later the make-up had stayed and no red cheeks! Its oil-free which is great if you have a naturally greasy complexion, it is also SPF 15 so its also sun-safe and protects your skin throughout the day, don't forget that even when its not sunny there are still harmful rays that penetrate through clouds .                                   
This eyebrow crayon is half eyebrow colour and half brow-bone. The colour I chose was Taupe/Buff which is a cold brown colour and a pink pigmented white highlighter. The eyebrow colour itself is rather light and doesn't draw out very thick or strong which is a benefit seeing as sometimes i can be heavy handed with eyebrow pencil and end up looking like a child coloured my face with a Sharpie. The highlighter provides an instant lift on the eyebrow and is perfect to create a subtle gradient at the brow, the slight pinkish tinge on it makes it subtle and closer to skin colour rather than having block white under your eyebrows. (My eyebrows are in dyer need of a shaping so please don't judge the pencil on the shape)          
This liner is a felt pen which I'm not used to using (I'm much more accustomed to fluid liners with thin brushes), but it glided on very easily and id highly reccomend this pen if you're an eye-liner newbie. If you're a newbie id also reccomend watching the video above by Michelle Phan, she makes it very easy to learn ways to get a cute eye-liner wing. The pen lasts a really long time and stayed on my eyes for at least 16 hours before it even showed signs of wear.

Have any of you used these or want to know more about any of it? just ask in comments!

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