Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer '13

Monochrome Stripes.

This season Marc Jacobs released his spring/summer collection, choc-a-bloc with striped patterns and pointed shoes the collection is a-wash with monochrome. 

It seems like Marc's main ambition with this piece was to take a simple yet classic look and revamp it for 2013. Striped petal-bottom shirts and monochrome striped co-ords are a new addition, all accessorised with a bold statement fringe and eyebrows.The pointed shoes and miniature handbags make this collection look more polished and Parisian whilst keeping the essence of the rounded monochrome clothes.He even used a horizontal stripe in alternating thick and thin lines to create a unique gradient pattern which draws attention to the models signature mod-style hair-cut.


This collection is truly phenomenal and every last detail has been perfect from the scalloped edges of tops to the cartoon-y play-fullness of the mickey mouse jumpers, a truly wearable collection that can be vamped up with neon accessories.


  1. I love monochrome! I just don't pull it off well. I especially like that middle dress in the top row (if you can call it a dress!)

    Also love Marc Jacobs, he's my favourite designer.

    1. Hes mine too, I think he does so well to revamp the classics and invent catwalk styles that are easy to wear! Sometimes people go nuts with head-cages and 7 foot spikes etc.

  2. She`s wearing a blue-and-white striped dress, what they called a shirtwaist back then.