Wednesday, 28 January 2015

ACforAG '15 Collection.

Alexa Chung's influence within the ACforAG collaboration is clear as Alexa's trademark Parisian chic aesthetic is merged with a dying trend, denim. Denim has been cut and styled every single way possible over numerous seasons and this collection brings nothing new. Stone-washed denim shirt dresses and boring boot-cut jeans brought no raw artistic flare expected from Chung but rather, left a deflated launch audience to "ooh" and "ahh" over Alexa's block printed name on the label. The only individualistic pieces presented were a mumsy denim shift dress with a ruff-like neckline and off-white jumpers with french print loosely translating to "I have the soul of the wave", very "coffee shop hipster"-esque. 'Wearable' is quickly becoming a dirty word in the fashion industry and one has to consider if this launch would have been as successful without the excited bubble of Alexa's appearance.

[ Ill be doing a guest-post over on Shy,Strange,Manic about the actual event and I may do another here about the interview she did at the launch, so look out for those!]

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