Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tights are the devil.

So today i was wearing a skirt, and because of the cold british weather i teamed it with some cute heart tights to keep my legs warm, halfway through the day i discovered that they had split all down the back and as the day went on it just got worse and worse until i was walking home and realised that i could officially class my tights as suspenders. Thats how bad it got.

They should invent tights with extra snap at the bottom for skinny ankles and make them impossible to break.

On the plus side we started a topic about God and the world in philosophy which is cool cause i get to argue why i think "evil" does or doesnt exist in exchange for some top-end A-level grades.

My media course is working me dry, we have a blog on which we post all our work for the moderator to view and jheez its like constant work and video making, for example i have to annotate, video and voiceover a video about two music magazine covers in for friday the 18th. I also have a video on the Music Magazine industry as a whole to be in for tuesday.

No baking yummy things for me this weekend. 

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