Sunday, 16 February 2014

Little Mistress Competition:

Little Mistress are an online womenswear brand who seem to specialise in girly cuts and classic dresses. As part of the E-tail PR blogging competition I was asked to pick any pieces from the site to style my own ideal outfit. This piece features a LBD dress layered with a floral pencil skirt. The use of an LBD as a top section means that you can wear it twice as a dress and as a two-piece. The floral in the skirt draws the eye as the mesh blouse-top acts as a simple but stylish base layer.

What I like about the skirt is the way in which it almost looks like the flowers are painted, like a form of artwork. I always look for artwork in fashion because fashion should be about expression and beauty and passion and culture in the same way that art encompasses these societal details and expresses them to an audience or in this case just anyone you meet.

More posts soon, guys!

CelestialMoonRock .xx

PS. Im in London this week for a Uni interview and for London Fashion Weekend (IM AN OFFICIAL REPORTER FOR PLATFFORM MAGAZINE) so I swear to do some posts on that while im there.

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