Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lets talk about perspex ba-by, lets talk about you and me

Thats right the clear-through shoe is back, from gradient colour heels to quirky geo-shapes designers and high-street alike are all jumping on the glassy bandwagon. 

1. ASOS Party on Peep toe - £26

This teal coloured shoe has a Ombre gradient heel which fades from top to bottom. The suede top looks lovely next to the glass heel but I wouldn't recommend wearing these in the rain, matted and slippery comes to mind. These shoes are relatively cheap so you can stay on trend without breaking the bank. Id wear these on a summer night out or on holiday abroad just because the colours are so fresh and fruity. My own suggestions for styling these shoes depends on hair colour:

Dark Hair: wear with a similar coloured dress and metallic accessories to maximise the depth of your locks.
Light Hair: try not to wear too many other light or bright colours or you may fall victim to "washed out syndrome". Id recommend Dark Co-ords and a cropped top to accent the very top and very bottom of your body.

2.DUNE Clarity Perspex Peep Toe - £44

This Dune shoe also has a gradient heel although it is much less obvious. This shoe would be best worn with monochrome because of its sleek patent leather. The small detail on the front really pulls it together and balances out the back detail to the front detail. At £44 this is a more expensive shoe but it can be easily transferred from the office to a night out with the addition of a little lippy and a quick hairpin.
Wear With: Cute polka dot nail wraps, Monochrome daisy detail dress and 40's rockabilly curls

3. New Look London Rebel - £34.99

Make sure your feet are perfectly preened and polished with this shoe, instead of a perspex heel New Look designers have opted for a perspex middle which makes this shoe ideal for work, meetings or a job interview. The coloured toes and heel makes them office appropriate and can be transformed for a night out in minutes. This chic shoe is both seductive and smart.
Wear with: Pencil skirt, subtly studded blouse, blazer, tights and an overcoat to keep cold in the snow. (Yes snow its snowing in England in bloody April).

4.  Rita Ora and Rihanna go head to head.
Rita Ora and Rihanna have been known for falling out and being friends then falling out again and now it seems they must be on good terms again after they were both spotted wearing the same shoes! They say you should consider your best friends opinion when choosing clothes but going out and buying the same pair shows how close you must be.

The shoes were designed by Simone Rocha and feature a Geo-patterned heel, a quirky take on the standard Stiletto heel. The super funky Brogues feature a fitted triangle which makes the shoes appear to be on a shelf, the top is a leather pattern with stitched anti-Christ symbols. The Brogues are innovative and new-age, but who wore it better.

Rihanna chose the white leather brogues and teamed them with fierce red nails to match her fierce red suit. The suit and shoe combo remind me of some of the late Michael Jacksons suits because of the vivid colour and the trademark short-cut trousers. The red blazer and pink lapel compliment each other but do they compliment the shoes? In my personal opinion no, the suit is very bright and makes a statement all on its own without the aid of a light complex shoe. Perhaps Rihanna should have stuck to a more simpler shoe or pump and wear the white brogues with a more subtle outfit to accentuate the shoes.

Rita Ora on the other hand took a different approach, instead of choosing the statement white shoes, Rita chose the subtle black  which proved an effective move as she teamed the shoe with a rough and ready double denim. Ripped Denim cut off's and a slouchy patchwork denim jacket prove a good choice. The block colour in blue denim highlights the shoes and how unique they are. Did Rita wear them better? In my opinion yes, the shoes aren't exactly "red carpet ready" and by wearing them with a relaxed outfit it highlights the minor details of the shoe.

Perspex is back, whether you choose Gradient heels or creative styles I hope I helped you in some way or another, please comment if you have any opinions or anything to say on this post.


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