Sunday, 18 August 2013

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 13-14

Call Me a novice but I can honestly admit that before this collection I had never heard of Emilio Pucci. After seeing the embellished blouses and archive prints I can honestly say I'm glad my knowledge of Pucci began with this collection. Emilio Pucci's designs are fresh and innovative and pay compliments to his mantra "I make clothes women want to put on and men want to take off". In this particular collection the shift between classic, retro and innovation is truly refreshing and opens the eyes to the history of fashion as well as the contemporary show stoppers.

The first piece, modelled by Nadja Bender, is one of four similar outfits in this collection. The embellished blouse crossed with a retro print skirt brings party to casual and looks fabulous while doing so.Thigh high suede boots and long hair with bangs combo seems to be a house style throughout this particular collection.


This outfit, as modelled by Kasia Struss, sees a summer trend carried through to winter, jazzing up the western fringe trend by adding sequins and monochrome to the jacket. The outfit is recognisable as a summer piece but covers Struss enough to be suitable for winter weather.

Katya Riabynikina models this Parisian-Monochrome work. The Paige-boy hat and covered legs makes this piece have a tomboy edge but is balanced out by long flowing hair, Archive print jumper and flash of thigh. Although Pucci stays safe with monochrome she breaks it up with a classic plain brown leather bag.

Pucci breaks monochrome with brown again in this piece modelled by Karmen Pedaru. This co-ordination piece between the coat and dress works well by having the same print on show at all times. If you take off the coat, the print is there, keep it on? Print is still there. The high neckline cuts Karmen at the neck which splits the outfit as a whole into three sections: hair and face, dress and coat, thigh-boots. This makes it easier to focus on the finer details of the clothes like the fine suede of the boots and the individualised pattern on the coat and dress.

Pucci finished the collection with pastel nude colouring and classic panelling  as modelled by Chicharu Okunugi. Pucci plays on the nude colouring by leaving the legs bare and having small detailed black heels, drawing attention to the feet and dress seperatly rather than as one outfit as was done with the thigh high boots throughout the rest of the collection.

Overall Pucci has taken a classic mix of cultures and used them to his design advantage to create something fresh. After all it is said that creativity is the rearranging of the old to create the new.



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